Hey there!


Wherever you are and whatever business you’re in, you are not alone.


Knowing where to get started in the digital world is a thick jungle of platforms, a never ending battle to stay relevant and an overwhelming (yet pretentious) backlog of technical jargon. Blah blah SEO blah blah PPC with your CTA blah blah nonsense!

So here’s where it gets simple.


Don’t buy into the hype, focus on your key business and take a measured step back to identify why you need to be on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and every platform under the sun (just because the business across the road is). Unless you’ve got someone on your staff solely focused on your digital strategy; trying to keep up just isn’t sustainable or adding value for your time.


Ask yourself:

  • What am I trying to achieve exactly? 
  • What is 10 more customers worth to me? Heck, 100 more customers? 
  • What is two more hours back in my working day worth?
  • Would business increase if people just knew about my shop?
  • What if people knew the quality of my product/service was better than XYZ business?

Getting curious about how to improve is the first step to identifying where to start online, because at the end of the day, digital marketing is simply a toolkit helping you to get where you want to be.

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