About Smash Creative Media

You probably landed here because you know digital marketing is imperative to your business growth, but you might just not know where to start or maybe, you just don’t have enough hours in the day to keep up with it. That’s where we can help!

We like to think of ourselves as an all-in-one digital marketing shop that covers social media, pay per click and email advertising plus basic SEO, copywriting and brand support.

Smash Creative Media is all about getting to know your challenges and creating clear roadmaps (aka strategies) to help you get found online, grow your business and increase your profits while staying relevant and engaged with your customers. We understand there’s no business like yours so we take the time to ditch the cookie cutter approach.

It can be daunting knowing which platforms are giving you clear return on investment for your time and money, so we’ll help you get ahead of your competition with clear objectives and the support you need to deliver digital advertising campaigns. 

We operate with integrity, consistency and always aim to get you real results that are easy to understand. If this sounds like a good match for your business and a welcome shoulder to lean on with your digital marketing, reach out, break the ice and get in touch.

We look forward to working with you!

Meet Ashleigh (aka Smash):
Founder and Chief Creative of Smash Creative Media, Digital Marketing Consultancy

About Smash Creative Media

Ash is a marketing and communication professional with over seven years experience, in six different industries and across three countries.


American born, Aussie living with a stop off in New Zealand later, Smash Creative Media was born from the desire to follow her passions, chase challenges and give back along the way. Ashleigh is passionate about helping local businesses like yours, thrive and get in touch with their digital side. 



She loves the great outdoors, any opportunity to travel and the spice of life that different cultures provide. So you’ll probably see a bit non-related yet creative travel content in the blog… so stay tuned! 


For more info on her career, check out my LinkedIn profile.

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